Jazz Foundation

Jasmine created Legacy Week to not only celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of The Presley Post, but to honor the life and legacy of Jazz Swan.  “Jazz” was laid to eternal rest on July 15, 2020, and was survived by his three daughters, Jaslene, Jaime, and Jade.  

Jaslene is also Jasmine’s oldest daughter, and because she got the keys to The Presley Post on “Jazz’s birthday (September 17th) she was motivated to teach their daughter the power of legacy by celebrating his birthday during Legacy Week. The Jazz Foundation was founded in 2022 to provide mentorship and monetary support to local teens who have lost a parent due to substance misuse, mental illness, or gun violence.  

During Legacy Week, individuals and families learn ways to destigmatize mental health and gain resources for support and healing. A portion of the proceeds from Legacy Week will be donated towards the Jazz Foundation.

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