Legacy Award 2024

The Legacy Award represents the “giving of flowers” to a Living Legend in our community, blending the warmth and enthusiasm of the color orange with the love and beauty of a rose. This celebratory award is further enriched by the strength and resilience of wood, accented with marble and gold. This unique combination represents the lasting impact of a life being lived with passion, strength, and creativity that continues to inspire and nurture future generations.

We invite you to nominate an individual whose life mirrors the profound and radiant essence of The Legacy Award and Legacy Week.

If you know someone whose contributions and character resonate with the values of Living a Legacy, we encourage you to share their story with us.

Help us celebrate the remarkable individuals among us who nurture and guide future generations with their legacy.

Voter information We need this information incase we need more information about your nominee. We will not use this information for any other reason.

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